Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's snack time! {dorm room style} - take 3

are you ready to partake in the pure deliciousness of pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? i sure hope so. these are the easiest cookies to bake ever.
let's get started:

1 can pumpkin - 15 ounces
1 box of spice cake mix (this is tricky stuff to find. my dad went to 3 different grocery stores before he found some. try krogers!)
1/2 a bag of chocolate chips (i might have used the whole bag...)

01. preheat your oven to 350 degrees
02. mix all of the ingredients together
03. plop small spoonfuls of dough on cookie sheet (make sure to cover with parchment paper or grease it)
04. cook for about 12 minutes
05. eat and enjoy (i keep my cookies in the freezer. why? because i like cold cookies and it helps them harden up)

i love these tasty treats.
they last forever, travel well, and are so easy and fast to make!

6 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

SO funny that i just posted the same thing...but so much more complicated!

i linked everyone over here for the easier recipe!

love you!

Caitlin said...

cold cookies are so much tastier!

Marissa said...

You didn't make this in your dorm room :(

MoreThanMyOwnLife said...

Mmmm these sounds scrumptious and super easy! Wish I had this recipe last night when I made all my Christmas cookies (5 different kinds!). Will definitely try in the future!

Doll Face ♥ said...

Agreeing with Marissa. We should make these in the dorms for no other reason than because... I think they sound delicious...

:) I'm glad you're having fun with your break!!!!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

Those look so delicious