Wednesday, January 27, 2010

international holocaust remembrance day.

i read a lot. and i have probably read almost one hundred different books about the holocaust. but i have to say i have found these two to be the saddest, most redemptive, depressing, and uplifting books i have ever read. they are beautifully written. a beguiling simplicity leads us through the most horrendous events. the detailed recollections of both of the authors personal wartime experiences prove that they were seared on their souls. these holocaust memoirs teach us about hatred and survival. but mostly they teach us about what it means to be human.

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Holly Larson said...

love it. the holocaust is so interesting!

Karen :D said...

wow, thats awesome allie! :) i find it fascinating that there are so many records, stories and all that we have to read and figure out how stupid people were as well as how terrible people were treated.
thanks for sharing! i love reading your blog! i will try to comment more on it!
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