Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the test.

be forewarned that lameness shall follow.

well, tonight was the night. the night of what you ask? oh wee one, tonight was the night that i happened to take my first microbiology test. oh boy, where do i start. could the test have been any different from what i was expecting? um, well probably. but it was still very, very, very different from what i was expecting. i might have stopped a few, err six or seven, times during the test and asked myself if it was really happening. i mean, was i really taking a test that kept talking about fermentation via cellular growth when i have no freaking idea what fermentation is. i guess i missed that memo!

but you know what that is life. and part of life is dealing with the unexpected. this test, just like life, showed me that you can never be too prepared (a.k.a. memorize your micro book). too bad there is not a book to tell you how to tell you how to live you life. oh, wait there is! i crack myself up.

but wait i see a light at the end of the tunnel - the weekend is almost here! and denton has a chance of snow on thursday! i must remember life will go on. hopefully, i will do better next time. in the wise words of kailin:

"come what may"

got some time? read this.

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Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I watched that episode of Oprah today! So interesting!

Sara-Jane Elizabeth said...

I also know what you mean about tests. Sometimes, we all get thrown a curve ball!

Caitlin said...

i'm sorry about your test! that really stinks. interesting article, though! two girls at the newman center just became sisters.

Holly Larson said...

aww i'm sorry it didn't go well!