Friday, February 5, 2010

why am i stressed:

01. i hate writing papers and i have to write two this weekend. but i need to get over myself. i am in college. i will be writing a lot of papers. so maybe i'll just pretend to like it. and then i might magically start liking it.

02. i have my first microbiology test this week.

03. i have a skype interview for a summer job next week. i am nervous.

04. i don't understand cellular respiration. this is a crucial part of the test mentioned above.

05. i miss my family.

06. i miss my friends away at school.

07. i worry so much about becoming an RA. but you know what, i'm going to try my hardest, put on my biggest smile at training tomorrow and just go for it. if i get, i get.

08. it feels like life is moving so so so fast and i can't keep up. how do i figure what is important?

09. i don't know what to do over spring break, so many options, so much time spent pondering options when i could have been studying.

10. the whole time i talked to my sister this morning i complained to her about my life.

11. i have been in a grumpy mood all week. somehow my friends still like me. well, hopefully.

12. i can't concentrate on anything. i'm a fast reader but it took me over three hours tonight to finally finish reading one chapter in psychology book.

13. i constantly compare my life to others and point out the faults of others. and why do i compare my grades to others? i have to stop. as long as i try my best, i need to accept what i get.

14. i complain SO much. what in the world do i have to complain about? i have a scholarship to school, my family loves me, my friends are always there for me, and i have a god who is always there for me even i turn my back or when i get too caught up in my life to be thankful, so thankful, for all of the blessings i have been given in my life.

but tomorrow is a new day and it will be better day because i get to choose my actions and thoughts. no more lameness. no more being grumpy. i will smile.