Wednesday, March 31, 2010

fun in tulsa.

this past weekend, kailin and i presented our statistics project from last semester over infant mortality rates at the great plains honors conference in tulsa, oklahoma. we had mucho amounts of fun and since we stayed at a double tree hotel large amounts of cookies also.

while in tulsa, we had the chance to go the prettiest museum ever. philbrook was originally a house/manison that was turned into an art museum.

and then on sunday, which happened to be palm sunday, i had the wonderful experience of going to mass at the cathedral of the holy family in downtown tulsa. the cathedral was beautiful and it was very interesting to learn about the history of the building and the church in the early 1900's.

when we got back to the dorms i had a very special letter waiting for me at the front desk. the letter informed me that i was chosen to be a RA next year!

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

how fun! it looks like the weather was absolutely gorgeous! your outfit is ADORABLE by the way.

I AM SO THRILLED THAT YOU WILL BE AN RA! We can swap stories and talk about how much we love/hate it!

Gahhh, so happy!

Caitlin said...

a couple things:

1. tulsa sounds like a blast! much better than the oklahoma city trip.

2. your oufit, especially that skirt, is adorable!

3. i am so, so happy that you're going to be an RA!

Adam said...

DID YOU KNOW THAT: Alex went to University of Tulsa! So I've been there, too, although I never saw the cathedral or that sweet-looking art museum.

Kailin said...

Yea! I like this post. Tulsa was fun, and funny. I am glad we got to go. I really love the picture of Kelsey.

Holly Larson said...

omg allie! that is so fun! going on trips! so fun! that cathedral is so pretty.
YAY that you got chosen to be an RA! you are going to be such a fun RA! miss you!

Hallie Bolton said...

congrats on the RA position!! :)