Sunday, March 21, 2010

spring breaky.

two trips to la villa
two trips to the galleria (which i really do not like cause it is tooo busy)
lots of baking
the purchase of beautiful earrings that match my bridesmaids dress
one visit to california pizza kitchen
bowling with the family
one visit to the woodlands mall (with lauren) where i didn't buy anything!
reading one of my new favorite books
one failed game of rockband with scott
asian grocery stores
a wee hair trim
sushi eating
lots of games of rummikub
a trip to san antonio with kailin and her momma (where i went to the riverwalk, made red velvet cake balls, practiced my hot gluing skills, envied someones highway driving skills, and became addicted to reading the pioneer woman's love story)

did not include:

hopefully these next eight weeks of school will fly by. and then i can be done with microbiology and lame texas government forevers.

4 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i had so much fun with you this week! i just wish i would have been able to see you more! i am missing you, best friend.

Caitlin said...

this post made me so excited about summer! i can't wait for la villa and rockband and shopping and going to earlier movies and hanging out with YOU!

Holly Larson said...

soo jealous! hope you had fun!!

Doll Face ♥ said...

Amen on saying goodbye to micro and TX govt. I can also add comp too that:]