Monday, April 5, 2010

my easter sunday:

01. i went to mass at the immaculate conception church here in denton.
02. i made a new friend from nigeria.
03. i ate a hot cross bun!
04. i painted my toenails (quite successfully, might i add).
05. i studied outside.
06. i ate a lot of nutella.
07. i missed my family and i was jealous of caitlin and adam's easter baskets.
08. i ate dinner with marissa in the cafeteria.
09. and we watched the sound of music!
10. i enjoyed being roommateless!

and the music majors over at the university of north texas played this at mass:

3 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Sounds like a happy happy Easter!
You know how much I love The Sound of Music. ;)

Roommateless???? NICE!

Caitlin said...

Sounds like a great Easter! A few things:

1. I really want to make hot cross buns next year, especially since I saw them on the Pioneer Woman.

2. I am quite proud of you for painting your toenails!

3. I missed everybody too. I wish I could have made you an Easter basket!

4. That is a beautiful song! You are lucky to by next to UNT and all those amazing music majors.

Kailin said...

Your toenails were beautiful! Accented by the lovely pair of flip flops you had on today. Mmm... warm weather! So nice!