Sunday, April 25, 2010

this week.

read on for a detailed account of the happenings in my life:

skyped with caitlin, gave a tour, alumni hot dog picnic thing, lame texas government class, tricked kailin into walking to the library with me so i could get my volunteer hours sheet signed, worked out, did laundry, and went to the redbud awards and ate lots of free food. oh, and kailin won an award!

slept in till 10AM, went to chick-fil-A with mary and marissa, visited the sketchy graduate science research building, actually studied, bought some capris off marissa, and went to the rangers game. let it be know that i am not a fan of baseball, or really any sport except gymnastics, swimming, and figure skating. but marissa and i had fun listening to the peoples conversations around us!

i woke up bright and early and hiked over to the denton public library to volunteer. i was in charge of the magazine swap! so basically, i just read magazines for five hours and then i walked around the denton art and jazz festival that was conveniently just a few steps away. after wandering around all the fun and excitement of the festival, i walked to the dorms armed with an ice cream cone and a sunburn. later, kailin and i went to jupiter coffee house to get our study on. then after a quick visit to the computer lab and c-store, lauren and i had some skypage time and i tucked myself in bed with my laptop and the young victoria! if you haven't watched it yet, you should.

so far, i have finished all of my psychology homework, made my bed, and partaken in yumminess of greek food. word to the wise, a gyro does not have chicken inside it!

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

I love posts like this. It's fun to see what you do!
I am sad you got a sunburn, but maybe a little color is good for us pale people? Hahaha. I enjoyed our skype session last night! I miss you so much!

Do you mean a gyro has lamb in it?

Caitlin said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I'm glad it didn't just involve studying for your practical the whole time.

I so enjoyed skyping with you on Thursday!

Also, your dress looks kind of Greek in that last picture, haha.

Kailin said...

1. How did you get a picture of Yummy's? Sneaky. I'm glad we went there, and discovered much about our lack of greek knowledge. Who knew gyro is not pronounced anything like it looks?!?!
2. That dress looks uber cute on you!!
3. I'm glad we got to do some new things this weekend. Look at us branching out!
Thanks for putting up with me!

Holly Larson said...

this looks so fun. you are awesome!!!

Amanda* said...

Your blog is absolutely adorable!