Tuesday, May 4, 2010

last week.

just flew by. but i've been busy!

pilates, worked out, ate lunch, studied in the library (basically just read magazines), dinner, and then intensely studied in the library with kailin for our microbiology practical. we had A LOT of learning to do.

studied for micro practical, lame texas government, worked out, dinner with the girls, and then into the wonderful land of microbiology. after three hours of waiting, i found out i got a 94 on my test!

pilates (last class!), psychology, lunchtime, nutrition, and then dreaded microbiology practical. which turned out to be not all that bad. i mean, i actually knew some of the answers! after the test, we worked out and made yummy pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. these cookies could solve world peace.

no one came to my tour, ate a yummy sandwich in the uppergrounds with kailin and mary, skipped lame texas government (heck yes!) because i had an important meeting with my microbiology teacher, went to the college of nursing and found out my advisor transferred schools but have no fear i made another advisor write a letter for me, took a napsters, and then i got ready for the honors banquet! it was fun to get dressed up and take pictures.

slept in, RA meeting in stark hall, worked out with kailin, cleaned the bathroom (which somehow my roommate dirtyified the next day), had an unfortunate meet and greet with the roommates boyfriend, went to the student government banquet, and then out on the town for my friend kelly's 19th birthday. kelly, carissa, kailin, and i went to see "date night" which was incredibly funny!

almost overslept, had a tour of sixty spanish speaking 6th graders (i'm not sure how much they got out of it), was grumpy (sorry kailin!), walked to the cinco de mayo festival and worked at the admissions table, did laundry, finished all of my pyschology homework, went out for thai food with my friends marissa and jordan, skyped with lauren, and started reading a new book.

woke up early for mass at ICC with dr. sayler and his wife, ate yummy pancakes at the knights of columbus breakfast (which was fun to see all the new members of the college chapter cooking away!), hung chegg signs around campus, played the piano in the little chapel in the woods, ate leftover thai food while reading my new book, swiftered my floors, and went to the pioneer ambassador banquet. which was super fun because we ate lots of yummy food and told stories about our worst tour experiences!

monday (yesterday):
pilates final which marissa and i aced, worked out, breakfast with marissa and kailin, showered, went to the post office to mail some important letters to people i love, nutrition, studied in the library, went to the honors last lecture event, and then kailin's papa, who just happened to be in town, invited me join in the eating out festivities. the food was el freaking delicious and i have lots of leftovers. then i went to my floor meeting and where i learned that we will be charged $10 for every paint chip on our walls. needless to say, white out has become my new best friend.

5 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

what a week! i love all of the pictures!

ahhh yes, i am doing the same thing in my room with the white out.

ew, a meet and greet with the roomie's boyfriend? that could not have been good. thank goodness you will never have to see her ever again!

Ashlee Janaye said...

If paint peels off in chunks i suggest gluing it back to the walls! that worked great for me!
I pretty much accidentally ripped off my entire wall by my door freshmen year!

Holly Larson said...

i'm glad you aced your pilates final!! ahah it's so awesomeeee!!

i miss you!!!

Caitlin said...

only a week and a half until i get to be your roommate again! i like to think that i'm a little better than the one you have now.

i am so jealous that you got to see date night! and i think it's hilarious that knights of columbus is so big at unt!

Marissa said...

Awwww Yay!