Wednesday, May 12, 2010

seven more secrets.

01. i used to have super long hair. people actually called me the "girl with beautiful long locks". you're jealous right? but then after much deliberation, i chopped it off last valentines day. it was quite an emotional day and lauren came with me for moral support. but after a few tears, 12 inches of my beautiful redish tinted slightly curlyish tendrils were sent off to the program locks for love. how i miss thee hair! but i am growing it again. one day, they will call me "the girl with beautiful long locks" again.

02. i never liked cereal growing up. until one day, it was quite a life changing day, i discovered a box of cereal in my friend holly's pantry. it looked tasty but i was suspicious because everything at holly's house is super healthy and if i didn't like cereal, why in the world would i like healthy cereal? but then my life was forever changed. i poured myself a bowl, sans milk, and tasted a tiny particle of heaven. now, i pretty much eat this cereal everyday for breakfast and then again at night for a wee snack before bedtime. and shocker: i even have milk in my cereal now. i know, life changing stuff, right? so go out and buy this cereal:

03. this semester, i learned that i really like spending time alone. at first, i fought it and busied myself by joining organizations and going to activities. but now, i embrace it. i know that i really don't need to be surrounded by people to be happy.
04. i am obsessed with stationary. it might be a problem.
05. i love yogurt. especially the target brand, archer farms fat-free french vanilla. it is delicious. and i might have three containers of it in my fridge. you can really never have too much yogurt. well, unless you don't like it because then it will just go bad!
06. every night i read the highlights of two favorite online newspapers - the new york times and the christian science monitor. it's a good reminder that the world is so much larger than texas.
07. i take a lot of notes in class. a whole lot. is this because i'm going to back and read them to study for the test? probably not. i really just like practicing my handwriting and it helps me pay more attention in class.

4 friskies:

Caitlin said...

i am fully aware of your obsession with stationery, haha. but it means i get lots of pretty stuff from you in the mail!

also, you totally got me hooked on the csm pictures of the day.

Holly Larson said...

awww i love youuu!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

You know how much I envy your handwriting! So beautiful.

Cerealllllll is lifeeeeeee.

Oh gosh, sometimes I forget how long your hair was.

Kailin said...

True fact that cereal. I am still a cereal hater, but nothing beats some Cinnamon Life in your room. Sans milk of course.