Friday, June 11, 2010

senior pictures.

i can't believe we took these a whole year ago! my favorite photographer, amy jo bland (who also happens to the mommy of my favorite family to babysit), took this for me last year. i just love how they turned out. she is AMAZING. she is also photographing my sister's wedding in july. i can't wait to see those photos!

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Doll Face ♥ said...

Well first, I do lovey our senior pictures. I never understood the point, so all we have are the ones the school took, practically for free :]

Thank you:] I thought about it, and there's no reason for my blog to be black any more.

Um... Summer school is kinda really horrible. I have to get up 3 hours early just to make sure I don't get stuck in traffic and do get a parking spot (unlike the first day of class) and my teacher likes to make it practically all about the military view. So we were talking about the annextion of Hawaii and she didn't talk about the people, or the Spanish-American war for Cuba's independence and how we kept them under our rule just to make sure they were "okay". Look how that turned out.

Anyways. I think I'm always sick of history XD Good thing I only have 4 more weeks of it :]

How are you doing? I forgot if you were taking classes. How is the jobskies? Fun little rugrats? :]

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Love these pictures! Love love love!


Caitlin said...

yay! you look absolutely beautiful in those pictures. i sure hope mrs. bland can make me and adam look that good!