Saturday, July 31, 2010

i am done.

working for the rest of the summer!

a few summer job facts:
- worked for 8 weeks with 3-5 year olds
- which amounted to 360 hours
- had 5 AM wake up calls
- wore the same outfit all summer
- also wore a cute turquoise watch ($7 from walmart)
- straightened my hair ONCE for work, never made that mistake again
- carpooled downtown with my popsicles
- was eaten alive by mosquitoes daily on the playground
- loved my co-counselors and director
- laughed at kids constantely
- did the "waka-waka" dance twice a day
- walked through the galleria daily
- got sick twice
- talked about my sister's upcoming wedding daily
- complained about my job nightly

overall, i was just thankful to have a job. i got to spend a lot of time with my popsicle while he drove me to and from work that i wouldn't have been able to spend with him otherwise. i really enjoyed working with this age group of kids and i could see myself maybe one day working as a pediatric nurse. we shall see. things were stressful at times, well a lot of the time. but after the first four weeks were over, i had finally adjusted to getting no sleep and started counting down the days till i was a free woman!

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Caitlin said...

yay! you survived! i hope you find a job with a better commute next summer though.