Monday, June 28, 2010

my birthday.

i had a spectacular 19th birthday! it was truly one of the most special birthdays i've ever had. i had to work during the day but when i got home i opened the presents from my wonderful parents and family and then hopped into the car for dinner out to la villa!

(tons of cute kitchen stuff for my future apartment. get excited for nursing school kailin!)

caitlin - my big sister
(caitlin gifted me a beautiful print that i had been eyeing on etsy for the last year. i love it so much. you can find one like it here.)

adam - my sister's soon-to-be husband
(two of my all-time favorite bowls from anthropologie. they are coral colored!)

lauren - my best friend
(lauren surprised me with a visit the weekend before my birthday plus chocolate and my favorite new movie, the young victoria!)

holly - my oldest best friend
(holly's present traveled all the way from florida where she is working at disney world this summer - underwear cause holly loves underwear, a jcrew headband, and some victoria secret beauty products.)

kailin - my newest best friend
(kailin's present was the most exciting package that i have ever received in the mail. she MADE, yes with her sewing machine, me an adorable banner with my name on it to hang in my dorm room. it is super colorful and delicious. plus there was other goodies included in her package!)

scott - my little brother
(scott out did himself this year with a tarjay gift card, chocolate, and several visits from bob the birthday whale. how funny!)

thank you, thank you, thank you.
i am so blessed.