Wednesday, July 7, 2010

our weekend vacation.

last friday, my family picked me up in the pilot from work and we headed to austin! i kept myself busy on the road by eating my "counselor of the week" candy prize and attempting to change out of my ugly work shirt and into an old favorite. i am happy to report that i succeeded in both tasks! after arriving in austin and checking into our hotel, we headed to the party that is downtown austin. upon driving through the ut campus, we spotted lauren on the sidewalk! well, we whisked her into the pilot and off we went to south congress.

our first stop was "hey, cupcake!" and it was tasty! things were a bit rainy but that didn't stop our picture taking fun. after that we walked down the road to a pizza place called "home slice" and i got to try a few bites of my dads tasty slice. that night i got a special treat when lauren invited me to spend the night in her dorm room. we partied it up in jester wearing our matching owl pj's and doing laundry!

the next morning my parents picked me up and we started our busy day right away with a visit to the bob bullock museum. adam, scott, my dad, and i watched an imax movie about the hubble telescope. which i loved cause i secretly want to be an astronaut. then we started our journey through the fabulous museum. (where i saw lots of things from texas woman's like a few of the first ladies dresses, lots of wasps artifacts, and cool nursing photos and facts) after three hours of walking and learning about the history of texas we called it quits and headed to "el gallo". i love this restaurant but la villa will always hold a special spot in my heart. after lunch, we had a photo shoot outside - aren't the walls so pretty?

our adventure continued, when we visited the st. vincent de paul thrift store on south congress. i found some great deals - two yellow plates, one wide brown belt for dresses, one gray shirt from buckle, and an adorable yellow purse - all for less than $10! talk about a steal. we stopped for a quick snowcone break so we could cool down before hitting the shops again. we went in another store called "uncommon objects" where i bought a postcard of the music building at the woman's college from 1930! i could've spent the whole day in that store.

since we ate a late lunch, we stopped at fran's for diet coke floats before heading to the not so local amc to see "knight and day". i wasn't really expecting much from the movie but i ended up laughing the whole time. it was sooooo funny! i definitely recommend it if you want a good laugh. after the movie, we went to dinner over at "kirby lane". and boy, was it tasty! i ordered the baked potato omelet and was in a good mood until i spilt water all down my shorts.

sunday morning we slept in and then headed over to san antonio to enjoy the sites. (including the ripley's believe it or not museum which scott had been dying to see) who knew july fourth was the busiest day for tourism in san antonio? certainly not this family. but we had fun sweating it out and enjoying a little amy's ice cream before heading back to bambiwoods.

random vacation facts:

01. we ate at subway twice. so tasty. even though scott wouldn't share his chocolate milk with me.
02. we are down to just one portable dvd player. which is sad cause scott and i have to share now and we all know how that goes.
03. adam, caitlin, and i shared a hotel room.
04. i think it would be fun to live in austin when i grow up. maybe i can go to graduate school there!
05. we all actually got along on this trip and there was very little fighting.
06. i saw a poster in fran's signed by the cast of friday night lights!
07. after seeing the hugeness of ut austin, i'm glad i go to the woman's college!

thanks for taking us on a great vacation parentals!

6 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I'm glad I got to see you! I wish I could have seen you more!!!!!

So happy y'all had a wonderful time!!!

Caitlin said...

i think it would be fun to live in austin too! let's do it.

Scott said...

You could have gotten your own chocolate milk.

Kailin said...

graduate school? that sounds...schooly. I think we should road trip to Austin this semester. We'll work on the car thing when it gets closer to that time.

Kailin said...

graduate school? that sounds...schooly. I think we should road trip to Austin this semester. We'll work on the car thing when it gets closer to that time.

Holly Larson said...

so much funn!!

your shirt in these pictures is soooo cute.