Friday, July 2, 2010

someone's nineteen today!

(amber and i celebrating our 16th birthday together)

just a few reasons why i love amber:

01. she gives me her old victoria secret bras.
02. she always lets me pick out clothes for her when we go shopping.
03. she watches my favorite movies with me, like cold mountain, even though i think she doesn't like them.
04. every time we get together our conversations pick up right where we left off.
05. she is going on a mission trip to india in august.
06. she is so adventurous in the ways of waxing.
07. she brings me purses from the coolest places like egypt!
08. she let me dye her hair!
09. she loves reminiscing about our awkward middle school memories together.
10. she loves me.

2 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

precious! y'all are adorable.

Caitlin said...

happy birthday amber! oh, i remember that party and the near-hurricane at cedar landing during dinner!