Monday, August 30, 2010

the fifth floor.

this year, i am an RA in stark hall. basically that means i'm in charge of 28 freshman girls (27 of which are nursing majors). i am oh so lucky to have kailin, who just so happens to be one of my best friends, work as the PA and live on the same floor as me. 

kailin (PA) = academics
allison (RA)= everything else

it's pretty much a partay around here daily. i actually lived on this same floor last year so i definitely know my way around. a large part of my RA training was spent checking all the rooms on my floor (or floors) and putting in work orders when needed. in the midst of the checking the rooms i found some pretty interesting things, such as pajamas, a cell phone charger, and a used pregnancy test (it was negative!). but decorating my floor was definitely my favorite part of training. i was so lucky to have kailin there helping me to get the job done faster and cuter. here is a glimpse of our floor, enjoy!

we wrote our residents a letter! (click on it to read)

all the goodies we placed in their rooms
my door, feel free to come visit!

the lovely informational board located outside my door

lots of signage
our welcome bulletin board
the information bulletin board
the super cute bulletin board my buddy RA made

the textbook bulletin board which will change monthly (any ideas for october?)

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4 friskies:

Caitlin said...

you guys are such a great team!

Kaelyn said...

The floor looks beautiful!!! If you would ever like to schedule an information session for your girls to be able to ask a nursing student questions, I would love to. Just let me know! And good luck with this semester!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

oh snapples!

Holly Larson said...

so cute allison! you are going to be such an awesome ra!