Sunday, August 29, 2010

i'm all moved in.

(adorable banner made by kailin)

summer is officially over.
i moved back into the dorms last sunday the 15th and have been busy for the past two weeks with RA training and residents moving in. it was kinda sad moving in this year since this is the last year we will go to school here in denton. i sure will miss this beautiful campus! but who knew being an RA was so much work? cause i sure didn't. but i'm glad we had two weeks of training because i do feel a lot more prepared now for my duties. i know you can't see it in pictures but i do have a roommate. she is a freshman nursing major from dallas and is really nice and we actually have quite a few study/cleaning habits in common. thank you to mommy, daddy, and kailin for helping me move in, organize, and beautify my room!

3 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

LOVE IT! so cute! just like you!

remember when i kept saying i would take pictures, too?! haha i have open door night tonight so i will HAVE to clean and do so!!!!!

Caitlin said...

your room is SO adorable! i looooove it.

Holly Larson said...

i loveee it! I need to take pictures of my apartment and then post pictures!