Monday, August 9, 2010

what an exciting weekend.

(pictures taken in an ice cream haze after wisdom teeth removal)

got my hair cut really really short
also got my four wisdom teeth removed
ate a whole half gallon of ice cream
hang out with my best friend
made all my door decorations for my floor
bought a belt for $3 at gap
sold clothes to plato's closet and pocketed $26
and now i shall attempt to pack for college. wish me luck cause it always take me forever to pack. (case in point - this is what i did last year to avoid packing)

3 friskies:

Kaelyn said...

Love the hair!!

Doll Face ♥ said...

Allison! How pretty! <3 I'm glad you decided to cut it:]

Congrats on the moneys:]

What have you done for your floor?!?!?! I'm freaking out about my floor?!?!?! Ahhhh!!!!

Man... I haven't packed at alllll..... :[

Caitlin said...

fun stuff! i love your hair. and i'm super excited to see how your floor (and your room) turns out!