Tuesday, August 24, 2010

time for a giveaway!

in honor of my 200th post on this here blog, i am having a giveaway!

the winner, which will be randomly chosen, will win:
a lovely print from kantan designs,
handmade clothes pins,
and pink ribbon that you can use to make your very own banner!

so, in order to win, please leave a comment and ask me anything you'd like! i'll answer all the questions in a future post. but for an extra entry you can blog about the giveaway and leave another comment with the link.

the winner will be announced next friday, september 3rd.

15 friskies:

Connie said...

great giveaway girl! And woot for 200 posts :D

My question... what was your most embarrasing moment post-junior high??? (;

Scott said...

Who's your favorite brother?

Kailin said...

Yea giveaways! i LOVE the print. Theory to life.
My question shall be;
If you could spend one day doing anything you wanted what would you do?

Lauren Elizabeth said...

ohhhh gosh i LOVE this giveaway! love love love.

why do you want to be a nurse? when did you decide that is what you wanted to do?

Kailin said...

I posted about you on my blog! Can you tell I really want to win!?!

Holly Larson said...

yayy! i love it girlfrannn!

my question.. what are you scared of most??

i miss youuu.

al said...

Such adorable things. I'm glad I started reading your blog!

q: What is your favorite smell?

-allison cooper

Hallie Bolton said...

LOVEEEEE the giveaway! so cuuuute.
question: what's your favorite movie and why?

Hallie Bolton said...

i blogged about your giveaway :)

Arli said...

so cute!

what's your favorite thing about college?

Lauren Elizabeth said...

you know i blogged about this! :)

Ivy said...

I found your blog through Lauren Elizabeth!!!
At 19 you are just over 1/2 my age *grin*
Did you make the clothes pins or did you find them somewhere?

{I'm having a giveaway too, you should come and enter, it's for my blog-a-versary!}



Allison said...

What a beautiful giveaway! You are so creative, and I love the print! :D

Question- How did you choose TWU? I'm looking into colleges and love hearing others' stories! :)

Caitlin said...

You know I'd love that print! And please forgive me for not entering sooner.

Question - From your roommate of 19 years, would you have your own children share a room?

Marissa said...

My question!
If you could do any other career besides nursing, what would it be and why?!