Wednesday, September 8, 2010

and the sun came out.

yesterday was hard. i kinda had a major freak out session. like the kind that involve crying multiple times throughout the night. but this morning was better. why, you ask? 

reason 1: my room didn't flood! up here in the north texas region we are experiencing some intense hurricane-like weather and when i was working the front desk in the wee hours of the morning i had about five girls from the 21st floor come tell me their rooms where flooded. oh no!

reason 2: i think i will probably be able to contract (a contract is an extra paper or project that makes a regular class count for honors credit) my developmental psychology class and my teacher seems really fun! this is el wonderful because in the other class i looked into contacting, spanish one, i would have to write a 15-page paper. and if you know me i don't like the whole paper writing thing. but we shall see!

reason 3: the mother teresa stamps finally came out. i LOVE mother teresa (looking for something to read? read "total surrender") and i had been going to the post office daily asking for these - go get some! i might buy them in bulk if someone doesn't stop me.

reason 4: i had been borrowing an a&p lab manual from a kind friend this semester. but she needed it back for her psychophysiology class which i totally understand. so i was on the hunt for a manual last night (which probably contributed to the freak out mentioned above) and today while i was working at the catholic table during the septemberfest i made friends with a girl who was selling her manual for el cheap. so i snatched it up. talk about amazing. 

reason 5: i changed my desk shift schedule! no more 5:45AM shifts! now i work 6 hours on sundays and just once on tuesday mornings. thank goodness!

reason 6: i got to wear my new raincoat and rainboots today! i kind of secretly like the rain but shhhh don't tell kailin. 

reason 7: i learned about this new website at bible study last week. it's called and it's kind of the most perfect website ever created. today's quote:

"there is only one choice: to live for self or to live for God."

- father gabriel of saint mary magdalen

3 friskies:

Caitlin said...

man, i was just at the post office today! those stamps are amazing. as is your new yellow rain coat! those irish boys won't know what hit them.

p.s. i will call in you in 5 minutes when i get off work!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

you are adorable! i had a major freak out session, too. i think i am still recovering from it. hopefully.

yay for getting an el cheap lab manual! :)

flooding in the dorm?! that's so sad. i hope everyone gets dry soon. so much flooding everywhere.

i <3 you!

Holly Larson said...

SO BUSY BUSY! but fun! i kind of miss the rain. it never rains here. i live in the desert... haah.