Friday, September 24, 2010

denton bucket list.

- have a picnic in the square
- feed the turtles in the campus gardens
- go to the $3.50 cinemark movie night 
- campus photo shoot
- sneak into a wedding at the little chapel (or at least take pictures of it)
- feed a squirrel
- go to a zumba class
- art 6
- swim in the outdoor pool
- go to a gymnastics meet and make posters
- visit the new nursing building in dallas
- go to the UNT library
- go trifting 
- jump in the fountain in front of the library
- have a snowball fight
- take a road trip to austin
- eat at the cheap thai food place by UNT
- take a picture with our water aerobics instructor
- dress up and go out to eat at the greenhouse

we only have eight more months of living on the denton campus. eeeek. we are going to try to do all of the things on this list before the end of year and take pictures documenting every experience. should we add anything? 

2 friskies:

Caitlin said...

the greenhouse? is that a fancy restaurant?

i love it. adam and i have one for pittsburgh too!

Kaelyn said...

I am SOO excited about the new nursing building!!!!

I think we may be having an information session day where you guys get to come to talk to us in the old nursing building (or I guess the new one if we can't do it until next semester!)!! It is a hoppin' place! lol :)