Saturday, September 18, 2010

we do a shorter version of this at bible study...

- a successful floor birthday partay
- 100 on first spanish quiz, 100 on beastly a&p II homework, and a 9.5 on lab quiz
- water aerobics three times
- baking cupcakes
- mailing postcards to my friendsicles
- having a funny lab teacher, seriously it's my favorite class
- taking spanish with mary, basically she just tutors me the whole class and makes me repeat words a thousand times and i still repeat them wrong
- only being called once during the night when i was on-call
- making lots of new friends at the catholic center
- the opening of freebirds in denton
- becoming closer to my residents since they come talk to me more
- working at the cleaning supply&hygiene drive and seeing so many college students freely donate their dining dollars to a good cause
- volunteering at the library with mary and indexing microfilm from 1888
- talking to my parentals lots
- seeing caitlin and adam's wedding photos
- planning all of my programs and submitting all of the paperwork for the rest of the semester

- writing my first incident report 
- realizing that i'm being a bad friend and roommate
- having multiple breakdowns
- wasting time worrying about things out of my control
- missing mass last sunday because i forgot it started at 6:15 not 6:30

5 friskies:

Marissa said...

I love the idea of writing down all the positive events of the week!

btw, you are an awesome friend. I really need more like you.

Holly Larson said...

i loveee you!

Doll Face ♥ said...

Aw:] You're super duper! Don't worry about repeating things wrong, they don't call it a new language for nothing!

Also, you need to rethink the whole "bad roommate" thing. Cause I am definitely the worst. DX

I'm super glad you had more highs than lows - Love you!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

lots of highs!!!!! :)

as far as lows, i share many of them. we will get through it.

Caitlin said...

we do this at bible study too!