Tuesday, September 14, 2010

my life:

7:15AM - wake up
7:32AM - actually get out of bed. eat banana with nutella and have orange juice to drink
8:00AM - a&p class starts
8:02AM - remember how boring this class is and start doing homework for another class
9:20Am - finally escape from the dreaded class
9:45AM - work shift at front desk for the next two hours
10:50AM - receive text from mary asking if i want to go to water aerobics. my reply - "heck yes."
11:20AM - receive text from caitlin about wedding photos (it's a stressful situation)
12:15PM - go to water aerobics with marissa, mary, and kailin for the first time. we were the only ones under 60 but it was still way fun and we will definitely be going every tuesday from now on!
12:56PM - get changed in the pool locker rooms (i.e. see too many naked old ladies)
1:05PM - checked my empty mailbox. why is it empty people? mail me something!
1:15PM - eat a yummy sandwich (turkey, spinach, carrots, olives, tomatoes) and salt and vinegar chips from the uppergrounds
2:30PM - spanish class starts
2:45PM - make a 100% on my first spanish quiz - take that native speakers
3:00PM - spend the rest of class trying to pronounce the vocab words for next week. help please! also, we talked about the individual "culture" projects we have to do. which one sounds more fun: teaching the class how to make papel picado or showing them the movie trailer for "the motorcycle diaries" and doing a film critique? 
4:00PM - back to the dorms and find out my "lost" package (containing the nursing exam study guide) finally arrived
5:30PM - make two of these for dinner along with hummus and frozen carrots
6:12PM - shower
6:30PM - run to the RHA program downstairs so i can get credit for going
7:00PM - sit outside the c-store with my resident (and now friend) margaret for the next two hours collecting donations for the honor's cleaning supply&hygiene drive 
9:00PM - staff meeting starts, need i say more.
10:33PM - the meeting ends and it was kinda pointless.
10:36PM - start rounds since i'm on-call (this means i have to go to all 21 floors and make sure no one is being crazy or anything is broken) 
11:20PM - finish rounds and head home to the 5th floor
11:55PM - tuck myself in bed and hope the front desk doesn't call me tonight. then realize i actually accomplished nothing homework and study related today. but thats okay because tomorrow is a whole new day!
12:29AM - i guess i spoke too soon. noise complaint on the 15th floor has me up and about. ahhh, the life of an RA.

4 friskies:

Doll Face ♥ said...

Aw:] I love you girly. I can't actually say I got anything done yesterday, but today I should be!

I think it's quite awkward that Stark and Guinn have the same times and dates for the programs.. Considering we were completely apart from each other when we were making them up...

Kaelyn said...

Water aerobics sounds like so much fun!! I'm sorry that life as an RA is not fun right now! I hope it gets better!

Holly Larson said...

so crazy!!! but fun! you are being so healthy! you are inspiring me!

Caitlin said...

wow, that sounds like one long day! eating healthy and working out - good for you!