Saturday, September 25, 2010

recent reads.

01. when invisible children sing: a true story of five street children, an idealistic young doctor, and their dangerous hope
by dr. chi huang

02. the history of love
by nicole krauss

03. passion and purity
by elisabeth elliot

04. sword and scalpel
by robert l. foster, m.d.

05. critical care: a new nurse faces death, life, and everything in between
by theresa brown

06. a persistent peace: one man's struggle for a nonviolent world
by john dear, s.j.

07. rediscovering catholicism
by matthew kelly

but what should i be reading?
my a&p, spanish, and psychology textbooks, 
a&p lab manual, spanish workbook, 
and four ireland novels. 

2 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i need to read more!!!!!!

Caitlin said...

wow, i am really impressed by the books you read! it says a lot about your passions.