Sunday, September 26, 2010

see you next week.

cause i have four exams this week. yikes! since i successfully avoided studying this weekend - by intensely cleaning my room, watching shows on hulu, finishing season one of doctor quinn, and by going to yogurt story and freebirds - i have some serious library dates with my textbooks in the near future. don't get me wrong, i did important stuff too, like working six hours at the front desk, sorting donations for the service committee, three loads of laundry, water aerobics, typing my class notes, staring at my spanish book, going to mass, and my ireland class. so these next three days will be filled to the brim cramming as much a&p, spanish, and psychology knowledge in. but then i get to home on thursday after all my tests! 
wish me luck!

3 friskies:

Holly Larson said...

good luck!! i won't call you this week then.. but expect a call on the weekend! i love you!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

you are going to do so well, i just know it!

i love you, and we will talk soon!

Caitlin said...

good luck! i hope you have a wonderful weekend at home (i am so jealous!)