Saturday, September 11, 2010


has been such a relaxing day. i slept in till 10:30am and then lounged around in my owl pj's watching dr.quinn medicine woman till about oneish. later when i was going to the bathroom, my sister phoned me so i talked to her about these wedding photos we have been dying to see (which we will see on monday). then i finally got dressed, washed my face, brushed my teeth, and got my clean on. the room is now officially smelling of swifter and lysol - so yummy. after that i finally pulled out the a&p and got started. i was about three pages into the male reproductive system when kailin came for a visit and we chatted about our dislike of reading the a&p textbook cause it's like a foreign language (and i'm pretty sure i only signed up for one of those classes). and she informed me that she passed her membership class at church which is great news to all. now to further avoid reading my textbook, i have done some more laundry, washed my dirty dishes, and listened to this song like a thousand times. so far today i've eaten: one peach, four pieces of chocolate, six pieces of cheese with crackers, some mini-oreos (and by some, i mean a lot), one banana with nutella, lots of grapes, half a glass of chocolate milk, and a whole pitcher of water. and i'm guessing that fruit is going to be on the menu for dinner too. tonight, i shall be productive (and by productive, i mean finishing disk four of dr.quinn). i plan on finishing reading the a&p chapter and attempting to fill out the beastly homework that comes along, eating dinners, and going to bed at a reasonable time, say 11? i love life (especially on the weekends without a roommate).

3 friskies:

Holly Larson said...

wish i could chilll with you! i miss you!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i'm with holly. i wish i was there with you! i need to watch dr. quinn. like really.

p.s. skyping with you is the most enjoyable part of my week!

Caitlin said...

oh, that sounds like such a fun and relaxing day! i love that you're considering getting the entire dr. quinn collection for christmas.

and i love that we get to see the wedding pictures tonight!