Sunday, October 17, 2010

last week in photos:

my new skirt that i wore to bible study. i had ordered an anthropologie top from this shop and she accidentally sent me the wrong item so she let me pick out anything from the shop for free - so i got this anthro skirt for freee!
it was the student union's 40th anniversary so everything in the bookstore was 20% off. i picked up these flip-flops that i had been eyeing for quite a while (and they were already on sale)!

learned how to use an EKG machine in lab (last week we did blood typing and we got to figure out our own), admired my floors halloween decorations and my beautiful bulletin board, and crafted with kailin.

slept in, studied outside for my ireland class, and kailin spent the night!
race for the cure! look at all the people behind us - there were 26,000 participants! after the race, i came back to the dorms and continued reading for my ireland "mini-exam". what does that even mean?! i went out to dinner at panera (next time you're there, sign up for a mypanera card - i got a free pumpkin spice latte my 1st time) with my friends mary, kelly, and anna where we studied some more for the impending "mini-exam" that is tonight! wish me luck!

3 friskies:

angelina la dawn said...

looks like you had a wonderful week. and you are one lucky girl because that skirt is adorables!

Caitlin said...

i can't believe you got that skirt for free! lucky duck. looks like race for the cure was a blast!

Holly Larson said...

you ran a race?? so fun!

also that skirt is sooo cute!