Wednesday, October 20, 2010

read these:

"These are the women most to be pitied in the world. They're alone and forgotten, bearing their injuries in silent shame."

“When I reflect back over the years, certain faces come swimming unbidden out of the tide of memory. Even though everyone’s story was amazing, some were even more so. One young woman arrived at the hospital and handed us an envelope with a letter inside that had been written by a missionary doctor down near the Kenyan border. It introduced her and asked us to treat her fistula. There was nothing especially unusual about her. Like so many of our patients, she was dressed in rags and weak from hunger. The sealed envelope was so worn and grubby you could hardly read it, but inside the letter was clear and legible enough. To our surprise it had been dated seven years ago.
“Why has it taken you seven years to get here?” I asked. She told me she had been begging at the bus station for her fare. That was how long it took to raise the money.”
her foundation - the fistula foundation

"Where are my gates, my borders? Where do I draw the line, telling myself it isn't necessary to care about anyone outside the particular orbit of my current concerns?"

"Life isn't so much that we are seeking God, but rather that God is already here with a steady lamp in the dark, searching for us."

"In my experience, this is what God is always doing - passing through our lives, scattering blessings - but in our busyness we rarely stop long enough to notice them, to cherish them, or to give thanks for them."

her non-profit - mercy beyond borders

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Lauren Elizabeth said...

how do you read so much? teach me your ways.

you find the best books, like fo realz.

Caitlin said...

where do you even find these books? you are amazing.