Sunday, October 24, 2010

this weekend:

a&p lecture
a&p lab 
(mary and kailin attacked our cat via dissection 
and we learned how to take blood pressure, well sorta)
spanish quiz - my favorite = la torta
nursing guest speaker
laundry and modern family time
beth marie's with mary, marissa, and kailin

5:45-9:45AM desk shift
finished all room inspections and signature sheets
volunteered at the library 
(made sock puppets and the felt flowers on the shirt above 
- they aren't perfect but to make some use this tutorial)
freebirds with mary and marissa
7:45-11:45PM desk shift 
(finished half of my homeostasis projecto!)

open house
(hurricane-like weather occurred but we got jason's deli for lunch) 
3:45-5:45PM desk shift
target with kailin's friends ashley and caityln
(just picked up the nescessities - yogurt and a cardigan)
zera's for tasty sandwiches and conversation

7:45AM-1:45PM desk shift 
(yes, i worked 16 hours at the front desk this weekend. 
i don't want to talk about it. but i studied for the psychology test, 
listened to this song a thousand times, tried to avoid thinking about the 
ireland paper "prospect" due tonight, and ate yogurt)
admired my surprise "where am i" board made my friend maggie
mass at st. marks with chelsea

upcoming events (i.e. tests):
10/25 - Psychology Test
11/2 – A&P and Spanish Tests
11/4 – A&P Lab Practical
11/7 – Ireland Mini Exam
11/10 – Psychology Test 
(can turn in Ireland paper for extra credit, but will i be able to?)
11/15 – Psychology paper and presentation
11/17 – Ireland Research paper
11/18 – A&P Lab Homeostasis Project 
11/21 – Ireland Mini Exam
11/23 – Spanish Project

3 friskies:

Kaelyn said...

I love the felt flowers!! They look so great!!

Good luck on all your projects that are coming up! I know you will do fantastic!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

I just still can't get over the fact that your weekend starts on Thursday.

Sounds like a productive weekend! Too many desk shifts. Reading how long your Sunday shift was depressed me. I can't even imagineeeee.

I wish you all the best with all of the due dates I see in your future. YIKES! I know you can do it, though. You always do!

P.S. That shirtttt. Make me one? Or teach me how? I mean, I could read the tutorial, but..

Have a fantabuloso week!

Caitlin said...

those flowers are amazing! i am totally impressed.

we have to make a stop at beth marie's when i visit next month!