Sunday, October 10, 2010


i went to new church called st. mark's, which is over in a neighborhood by UNT, with my friend chelsea and 2 other girls from the honors floor. we went to the life teen mass! i've always wanted to go to one and i finally got to experience the amazingness. the music was fantastic (and guitar boy just happened to be part of the band...imagine that) and the place was packed! it was like easter sunday type of packed. communion took over 20 minutes. people were everywhere and they were SOOO many babies. i had forgot what it was like to go to mass with families instead of just college students. i wish we had had lifeteen at my church when i was in high school. i can just imagine the number of kids who would have been more interested in the church cause its pretty much a fact that CCE is pretty lame (unless you have a teacher like mr. morales who related everything to a nicholas sparks book).

3 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

that's awesome! will y'all go again?!

Ashlee Janaye said...

That is awesome! I went to a mass like that at our Diocesean Catholic Youth Conference and it was awesome!!

My grandma just started teaching CCE and she loves it! It is sooo cute. I wish I were in her class because I know she is baking them lots of good stuff!

Caitlin said...

that sounds amazing! i looooooove seeing babies at church. even though they are so distracting.

oh, mr. morales. he was the best.