Monday, November 15, 2010

awesome things:
- i have a fantastic schedule next semester
- i love ice cream
- i made a 93 on my anatomy practical
- i did three loads of laundry this weekend
- i also wrote two whole papers this weekend (go me!)
- i'm loving this weather
- i painted my nails
- i've been trying to pray the rosary everyday and so far i've kept it up
- i knew most of the answers on my psychology test this morning
- caitlin and adam are coming to visit me next week
not so awesome things:
- i waste a lot of time on the computer (this is quite problematic)
- i had no human contact this weekend
- i get really annoyed when people talk in computer labs
- i'm really good at finding reasons to avoid homework
- i haven't written in my 5-year journal for the past two weeks
- downside on not having a roommate = staying up way too late
- i just realized that lauren called me on friday and i never called her back, sorry!

4 friskies:

Caitlin said...

you had human contact with me!

also, i can't wait to see you in six days!

Anonymous said...

sigh, i still can't get over that you have no class on fridays... looks like a great schedule!!! way to do well on your tests! you go girl.

don't worry about not calling me back! we will talk this week sometime!


Anonymous said...

yes, i did just leave the same comment 3 times. whoops! feel free to delete...

Kaelyn said...

Love this schedule! Enjoy not starting the day until later, you'll miss it in August. I'm also SOOO glad that you're getting Patho out of the way!

Excited to see you Thursday!