Tuesday, November 23, 2010

everyone has gone home.

except for me. don't worry though, i have big plans for tonight, such as doing six loads of laundry and swiftering my room. maybe i'll even get crazy and eat THREE cheese sticks. anyway, here are some random pictures from camera. i'm not a very good picture taker so bare with me. 

exhibit a:
rest in peace gray converse. we have been through so much together. the first year of college. countless hours on the streets on denton from ruth's room to beth marie's you were with me. the first tours of spring. petal pressing in the little chapel. the streets of houston this past humid summer. the second year of college. more tours and petal pressing. even library visits. and that jump in the lake. oh, what a life. thank you for keeping my toes dry and comfy. i shall remember you, my first pair, for all of my days.

exhibit b:
caitlin wearing mommy's wedding dress this summer. 
the hat definitely completes the outfit. as do the socks.

exhibit c:
stimulation lab in the dallas nursing school.
it seems as though this patient passed. but the honors nursing information night was wonderful. kaelyn did a fantastic job. i am so excited for nursing school and apartment life with the roommate

well, i'm off to conquer the world. 
or just this pile of laundry.   

upcoming events:
11/30 - spanish quiz
12/2 - a&p lab quiz and lab report due
12/5 - ireland project
12/6 - kailin's birthday
12/9 - a&p practical
12/14 - a&p finals
12/15 - psychology and spanish finals
12/18 - go home

3 friskies:

Jazzie Casas said...

wow this is one good blog.

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Kaelyn said...

:) That sign is funny!

I sure hope you get to go home for Thanksgiving. But if not, make sure and give yourself a lazy day tomorrow!

Caitlin said...

oh, wow. that dress!