Monday, November 8, 2010

last week.

worked a special VIP tour, lost my backpack for two hours, ate dinner (free!) at the abbey inn with honors, and then had a studying sleepover with kailin.

really bad day. had 2 tests, spanish and a&p, that i had studied my booty off for and well, they didn't go very well. i might have had a major meltdown in front of the financial aid office (and dr. hamner might have walked by...). then had to put my RA shirt on and deal with all the stuff going on on my floor. after filling out two incident reports, trying to mediate two roommates (unsuccessful), and receiving four post-its on my door - i kinda felt like a sucky RA. well, no i really did. 

a much better day! ate lunch with kiara and headed to the library to get my study on. 

a&p II lab practical. need i say more? 
but we went out to freebirds after and then all was right in the world again.

ireland study group, lunch with kelly at jason's deli, packed and left for the catholic center retreat. isn't it funny/amazing how a great weekend can make you forget how sucky your week was?

upcoming events (i.e. tests):
11/11 - Spanish and A&P Quiz
11/15 – Psychology Test 
11/17 – Psychology paper and presentation
11/17 – Ireland Research paper
11/18 – A&P Lab Homeostasis Project 
11/21 – Ireland Mini Exam
11/23 – Spanish Project

3 friskies:

Kaelyn said...

Good luck with your upcoming events! I know that no one else felt that you were a sucky RA! Don't forget: 11/18 Honor's Event at the Dallas Campus!!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

you busy busy busy girl! we need to swap RA stories pronto. you are not a sucky RA, by the way. :)

i will be praying for youuuuu to find success in everything you have coming up.

Caitlin said...

i'm glad your week ended on a positive note! and i can't wait to see you and all the sights of denton in less than TWO WEEKS!