Monday, November 22, 2010

"no human group has ever figured out how to design its future. that future may be germinating today not in a boardroom in London or an office in Washington or a bank in Tokyo, but in some antic outpost or other - a kindly British orphanage in the grim foothills of Peru, a house for the dying in a back street of Calcutta run by a fiercely single-minded Albanian nun, an easygoing French medical team at the starving edge of Sahel, a mission to Somalia by Irish social workers who remember their own Great Hunger, a nursery program to assist convict-mothers at a New York prison - in some unheralded corner where a great hearted human being is committed to loving outcasts in an extraordinary way." 

- thomas cahill, 
how the irish saved civilization

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Caitlin said...

beautiful quote!