Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a drama of reform.

the rosary - my lifesaver

"i cannot think of any prayer that has sustained me more than the rosary, all the days of my life. in days of severe illness or trial, when trauma made praying almost impossible, the rosary was the only think that seemed to sustain me. when words would not come, i merely held tight to my rosary beads. clinging to the beads seemed to be my prayer: 'Jesus, Mary, i am with you. help me!' by staying close to the Blessed Mother, i could not fail to receive her help. how could she not keep me close to my beloved Savior with His saving grace? the words of Saint Jeanne Jugan ring so true: 'The Hail Mary will, indeed, take us to heaven'."

- sr. lucille cutrone


"how it is that in the most crime-ridden areas of the city, where drug addiction, prostitution, and gang violence are commonplace, people respect the Cross of Jesus and those who wear the habit? yet in more respectable neightborhoods of downtown, new york people are indifferent. the light of Jesus shines through the poor, not only in their brokenness and humility, but also in their honesty and thirst for recognition."

- br. john bosco mills


"it is in the face of death that, somehow, life's meaning emerges more clearly. yet it is not only in the face of death that life's meaning becomes clear; because, by itself, death remains a crushing, answerless enigma. something is necessary: the gift of the Cross. the Cross is the key that unlocks the mystery of suffering and death. it is the beacon that shines with the bright light of hope in the dark valley of human despair; it is the staff on which we lean for strength when the weight of sorrow is too heavy to bear. it is not simply that we carry the Cross; the Cross carries us, too."

- fr. herald joseph brock

service to the poor

"the need for a smile, a hand, or a listening ear is as great as, if not greater than, any material need. as a christian and a franciscan, i see these small services and acts of love as extensions of my faith. with the eyes of faith, i see Jesus, and i know that whatever we do for the least of His brothers and sisters, we have done for Him."

- sr. clare marie matthiass


"God chooses the weak to shame the proud, and He pours forth the richness of His grace into the hearts of those who are poor in spirit. blessed Teresa of Calcutta was only one woman, but she too said yes to God and made something beautiful of her life for God. when we say yes to God, we should expect the unexpected. witnessing to and proclaiming the Gospel is more than a duty for Christ's disciples; it is a joy and privilege. we pray that He will send more laborers into the harvest so that more may come to know His goodness, believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world, and worship God in spirit and truth. moreover, our hearts rejoice in the Lord, who has looked on His lowly servants with mercy. the Almighty has done great things for us, His weak vessels, and holy is His name. may Jesus Christi be praised now and forever."

- fr. angelus marie houle

novitiate - prayer

"it is through continuous dialogue with Jesus that this love grows, and it is the spouse of the Holy Spirit who teaches us to ponder Him in our hearts day and night."

- sr. agnes mary holtz

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Caitlin said...

it's awesome that you're praing the rosary so often! i am seriously impressed.