Monday, November 8, 2010

things i'm loving:

01. the human experience is out on dvd - i shall be adding this to my christmas list el pronto!
02. this song. it just makes me want to run around my room and be productive.
03. catholic medical mission board sends health professionals on medical missions all over the world - emily, leslee, and amber have blogs about their adventures!
04. i want to make one of these!
05. how kailin is the best blog storyteller - go read about our play and picnicking here!
06. these cookies - they complete me.
07. my sister's wedding pictures. i can't wait to frame them!
08. how cute father dat is!
09. online espanol flashcards - keeps me in business.
10.  my best friend is AMAZING. i almost died when i watched this video, enjoy!

2 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i just bought that song on itunes! you always find the best stuff.

you definitely need to make one of those albums. too adorable!

i can totally see you having going on a medical mission and having a blog just like those lovely ladies! amazing.

those cookies... so goodddd.

glad you enjoyed my video. i thought you would. :)

Caitlin said...

let's see!

1. you should post your christmas list on here. that way everyone can benefit from your excellent taste!

2. that photo album is adorable! but i'm loving your amy butler one too. you're going to have so many amazing pictures from ireland!

3. those cookies are delish. remember how hard it was to find spice cake mix last thanksgiving?

4. father dat is the cutest. and so is lauren!