Wednesday, December 15, 2010

free at last.

the first semester of my sophomore year of college is over.

the semester was a quick one. i moved in august 15th and i'll be leaving the home sweet dorms this saturday. i'm not proud of the way a few things worked out this semester. i really never made an effort to become involved with my floor and the other RA's. i am going to work on planning more programs and floor events next semester. i've definitely been a slacker this semester. i want to try harder in my classes too. for every test this semester, i've waited till the night before to start studying. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. i'm also pretty disappointed with myself because i didn't put any effort into learning spanish. its pretty pathetic, i know i did terrible on my final exam but that shouldn't and wouldn't have happened if i had just taken the time to learn the material. especially since i have a spanish tutor living right next to me! oh well, at least i can learn from this experience and never let it happen again. 

but lots of really exciting happened this semester too. i got to have my own room. i got to live on the same floor as kailin. we got to have sleepovers and late study sessions together. i tried out lots of yummy resturants and coffee shops in denton. we got to visit the nursing school in houston and check out some apartments. we had a picnic in the square. i volunteered at the library. i met a lot of new people. and i also made hundreds of flashcards (above). some make fun of my flashcard fetish. but i'm pretty sure there are just jealous.

i'm excited for next semester. i've looking forward to my women's studies class and i'm sure patho will keep me busy. we might even be roadtripping to austin next semester with my new friend, alicia! i want to try out more fun places in denton too. i am sure there are lots of thrift stores, shops, coffee shops, and restaurants that still need to discovered. i am excited to get spend more time at the catholic center and make dinner for bible study more often. our campus minister, luisa, sent out an email looking for more leaders and listed a bunch of available positions which i've been thinking about a lot this week. i'm the most interested in the opportunities for the twu community - either leading the rosary once a week in the little chapel or leading a bible study/book study/bonding/fun time group. any suggestions? 

i am also pumped for this upcoming ireland trip! i can't believe its actually happening. this afternoon, i had a little rain boot fashion show for a few of my residents. i was hoping to take marissa's boots (the gray ones on the left) because they are more neutral colored and are a little bigger. but they turned out to be a little too big so i'll be bringing my own polka dotted ones (right) which will coordinate nicely with my yellow raincoat. i definitely won't look like a tourist or anything. i can't wait to pick out the rest of my outfits, and don't worry, that will be a whole blog post in its self. i can't wait to see some castles and cliffs. i can't wait to have tea and hit up some shops in dublin. i can't wait to visit some cathedrals and see some rolling green hills.

3 friskies:

Kailin said...

I am most definitely jealous of your flashcards. The writing on them alone is beautiful. Miss you already!! Hope you're holding down the fort up there!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Can't believe another semester is behind us! It's going by way too fast. *tears*

i need to work on building community on my floor, too. although, i feel like you have done a lot. maybe you don't give yourself enough credit?!

i think you would be successful in leading a bible study or holding any other position! that would be so rewarding! :)

i am beyond excited for you and your ireland trip! i already know you will have the most amazing time and learn so much!

Caitlin said...

i think you should definitely take up a leadership position! and ireland is going to be the most amazing 10 days of your life.

ps. can't WAIT to see you!!!