Friday, December 10, 2010

how it be.

i'm done with my ireland class! we presented our group projects last week and my group rocked it. i got a 99 on my research paper. the class the i was the most worried about this semester turned out to be my favorite.

i'm also done with my anatomy lab! we had our final practical on thursday. i somehow got a 96 on my lab report, say what. i guess my writing improves the more i procrastinate. now i can clear my brain of all of that anatomy knowledge and start filling it with some el espanol. 

First I Will from Cory Heimann on Vimeo.

the last week of school is upon us. only three more finals between me and winter break. life has had both its highs and lows but i am thankful for everything i've been through. the high points of these last two weeks have helped me appreciate the value of friends and the importance of spending time building friendships. i've stepped out of my comfort zone. i read some good books. i've prayed more than i've ever prayed. the lows have helped me examine my flaws. the things i need to change. the things i've said and the things i haven't said. the things i've done that i'm not proud of. the things that i keep deep inside and hope no one notices. at adoration tonight i was able to let go of all of the frustrations and anxiety i had been holding on to. i cried a lot. but it was definitely needed. i am a big fan of adoration. i thankful for this season of advent and everything i've learned. 

3 friskies:

Caitlin said...

i'm glad you had a good experience at adoration last night!

p.s. your ireland poster turned out really, really cute!

Kaelyn said...

:) Your posts are always so insightful! I'm glad adoration was great for you!

And your poster definitely makes me want to kiss the Blarney Stone!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

i love you, and you inspire me daily. i have such a beautiful best friend!

i hope everything goes well this week!!!!! i'm praying for you. :)