Monday, December 6, 2010

someone's twenty-one today!

happy birthday kailin!
(or should i say "feliz cumpleanos" - 
i didn't even have to google translate that!)

kailin and i met last year during the first week of college, called pioneer camp. i was so worried about making friends in college. that was probably my biggest fear. well boy, did i luck out. i remember calling my parents back in august of last year and telling them all about this girl i had met at the block party. i so hoped kailin would want to be my friend. after the block party, we starting hanging out and we realized we had three classes together. we started studying together and doing the dreaded mastering chemistry homework. we went to the state fair together. we went to a musical in the square together. we went on a road trip all across texas together. we stayed up late working on government reviews in my bed together - kailin would type and i would tell her what to type. we rode the bus together. we feel in love with our statistics teacher together. we made fun of our texas government teacher together. we presented our honors paper in tulsa together. we cried together. we worked together. we decorated our floor together. we procrastinated together. we studied/blogged at coffee shops together. we played in the snow together. we survived our first year of college together. we planned our futures together. kailin is a better friend than i could have ever hoped or dreamed of. she always know just what to say and do. she makes me want to be a better person. she teaches me so much.  

we are really alike. some call us twins. we see each other everyday. all day everyday. we stay up till 3am working on our lab reports the day they are due. we eat yogurt for most meals. we talk about nursing school a lot. we really really like pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. we talk about weddings almost everyday. we talk about being grownups quite frequently. we talk about getting rid of all our clothes constantly. we live on the same floor, pre-nursing net block 5. we work two jobs together. we have sleepovers where i keep kailin awake when we should be sleeping. we complain together. we pretty much tell each other everything.

but we are different in some ways too. she speaks spanish fluently. her favorite movie is steal magnolias and she knows all of the dialogue by heart. her hair always looks good. she is an excellent writer. she is the least picky eater i know. she can definitely pull off the bangs look. she is friends with boys. she knows so much about the bible and teaches me new things everyday. she knows how to wear eyeliner. she talks to boys. she reads her textbooks. she can craft like no other. she doesn't stick to the rules. she volunteers at the soup kitchen every friday morning, while i sleep in. she tutors the girls on our floor. she has friends all over the world. she writes in her journal every night. she is not a night person. she gets cold really easily. she doesn't share my regina spektor obsession. she has traveled too so many places. she is a good story teller and blog poster. 

but these similarities and differences don't hinder our friendship, they only strengthen it. in a way, kailin completes me. she helps me be a better person everyday. she helps me make better choices. she helps me learn from my mistakes. she helps me see the positives in every situation. she helps me write papers. she helps me not be so selfish and prideful. 

kailin, thank you for your friendship. 
i don't know what i would do without you. you are truly one of the biggest blessings in my life. but not just in my life - in the life of every single person that meets you.

birthday post from last year here.

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Holly Larson said...

cute cute cute!
happy birthday kailin!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

this is so beautiful! happy birthday, kailin!

i might have cried.
okay, fine i did.
one of those one tear down the cheek kind of things.

Kailin said...

Me too Lauren. Thank you Allie. You are so sweet and so special to me. I love you.

Ashlee Janaye said...

Happy Birthday Kailin!
That was such a sweet post!
I love to read all of yalls posts about fun friendship things. :]

Caitlin said...

awww, you guys are adorable! kailin is such a good friend. y'all will love being roommates!