Thursday, December 16, 2010

updated bucket list.

- have a picnic in the square
- feed the turtles in the campus gardens

- go to the $3.50 cinemark movie night
- campus photo shoot
- sneak into a wedding at the little chapel (just happened to be in the choir loft one day when a wedding was about to start)
- feed a squirrel 
- go to a zumba class
- art 6 and jupiter house

- cups and crepes
- swim in the outdoor pool
- go to a gymnastics meet and make posters
- visit the new nursing building in dallas
- go to the UNT library
- go trifting 
- jump in the fountain in front of the library
- have a snowball fight
- take a road trip to austin
- eat at the cheap thai food place by UNT

- dress up and go out to eat at the greenhouse

2 friskies:

Lauren Elizabeth said...

a bucket list is such a great idea! you will do all of these things, i can just feel it! i can help you when it comes to feeding squirrels... hahahaha

Caitlin said...

you've got lots of work to do next semester, haha!