Sunday, January 2, 2011

best of 2010.

favorite movies:
01. the human experience
02. beyond the gates
03. god grew tired of us
04. the young victoria
05. the stoning of soraya m

favorite books:
01. a drama of reform
02. mountains beyond mountains
03. this is a soul
04. mercy without borders - 
the catholic worker and immigration
05. the hospital by the river
06. this flowing toward me
07. left to tell

favorite television shows:
01. dr. quinn medicine woman
02. boston med
03. modern family
04. friday night lights

favorite songs:
01. for love of you, audrey assad
02. a beautiful collision, david crowder band
03. marvelous light, charlie hall
04. all about your heart, mindy gledhill

favorite restaurants:
01. amy's ice cream
02. suko thai
03. yummy's
04. pappasito's

favorite moments:
01. caitlin and adam's wedding
02. adopting waffle
03. getting an A in spanish
04. new years eve game night with 
the crawfords and the burchs
05. rooted retreat
06. baking with lauren
07. talent show fridays at camp this summer
08. honors tulsa trip 
09. school being cancelled and playing in the snow
10. girls night at the C
11. sleepovers with kailin 
12. adventuring downtown with caitlin
13. anytime spent at zera's

looking forward to 2011 because:
01. going to nursing school in houston and living 
with my best friend/roommate kailin
02. visting caitlin and adam over spring break
03. leading bible study
04. saving money
05. austin roadtrip
06. going to ireland
07. going to my friend josh's 
confirmation at the easter vigil
08. taking a real nursing class
09. turning twenty

i'm ready for this new year!

3 friskies:

Kaelyn said...

Exciting things to come! I know you will do wonderfully in nursing school!

Kailin said...

WOAH! 20?!?! Is that grown up status? I'm excited for what this year holds too!!

Caitlin said...

2011 is going to be such an awesome year! i can't wait for our spring break adventure!