Sunday, January 2, 2011

day with the friendsicles.

chicken biscuits. too much rain for downtown driving. quick stop to visit waffle. carlie's house for a day of fun.  cookie dough. intense discussions. share stories. debate lunch choices. order chinese. watch the human experience (best movie ever, i shall make every person i know watch it). meet carlie's friend. more talking. and reminiscing and more 'remember that?' moments. picture taking. and hugging goodbye till next time.

i love these girls so much. so many memories together - from preschool to the end of high school and all the years in between. 

flashback to last year's celebration:

2 friskies:

Caitlin said...

what a fun day! i'm glad you guys could all get together. it was funny running into everyone at chick-fil-a!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

Ahhhhh such beautiful times.