Monday, January 24, 2011

i shall call it an epiphany.

a new semester is here. well, it started last week. but i'm just now getting in the swing of things. lots of things are happening this semester. i am taking my first "nursing school" class, i am leading a bible study at twu with my new friend erin, i am going to make my bed and eat breakfast every morning, i am going to try to limit my nutella intake, and i am going to enjoy partaking in my last semester here in denton.

so many exciting things are happening at the catholic center this semester! we're having our retreat at the end of february and we are planning an awakening retreat for next fall, so some of us might be going to an aggie awakening retreat this spring. lots of social activities, like girls nights, crafts nights, and movie nights are in the works. luisa and father kyle have some big plans for fridays in lent too. whoop!

you might have noticed that i'm not taking spanish this semester. well, it turns out that i'm a spanish quitter. maybe spanish just isn't my thing. or maybe i was just to lazy to actually take the effort to learn the language. take your pick. or maybe i was just taking in try to make myself be more like someone else. but thats alright. i might not be proficient in espanol but i can swaddle a baby like no ones business. which might be very handy in my future line of work. my point is that we're all good at different things. i am still working at figuring out what i'm good at. but i'm sure this semester shall add some insight. 

2 friskies:

Kailin said...

You are good at a thousand things!
1. You read books at paces that will never cease to amaze me.
2. You make colors look good together. And you can wear color. Some of us are not so fortunate.
3. You are honest, which is one of my favorite qualities.
4. You have good ideas always. It's like they come out of thin air. Or from the shower spicket. I do not understand, but I'm amazed.
5. You are a really good friend. For absolute reals.
6. You know how to spell fantastic. Some would say that's easy. Some would think it's easy and still be unable to spell it.
I would write all 1000, but gotta keep humility as one of your dazzaling characteristics.
Love you. and I'm excited for this semester with you!

Caitlin said...

love you, sister!

i'm happy you're enjoying the catholic center so much!!