Sunday, February 6, 2011

found on etsy.

Although probably about the ten thousandth wedding ceremony for this particular couple, this is the official one! Held at the historic and architecturally significant Little Chapel in the Woods(on the TWU campus)designed by renowned architect O'Neal Ford, it was a magical day they'll never forget!

Barbie, Dora and Fran's TWU study group. They like to sit outside by the fountain when the weather's nice - but no splashing! Fran gets a little freaked-out if her hair gets wet.

They went to the square for a lunch-time concert, but ended up staying for a sugar cone. Who wants to go back to work when you can lounge on a quilt with Barbie? Ken may be a toy, but he's no dummy.

Ken explains for the third time what a kick-off return is; and although Barbie still doesn't understand, she can tell he likes being viewed as such a sports authority.
There's nothing like a yummy ice cream cone shared with a friend on the lawn of the beautiful Denton Courthouse -especially when your figure seems to stay the same no matter what you eat!

yes, this is real. find more here.

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Caitlin said...

please, please get some of these. they would be so fun in your apartment next year! i love it!