Tuesday, February 1, 2011

ireland: favorite stores and eateries.

01. AVOCA is the place to be in ireland. think anthropologie but cuter and with a cafe. we, meaning kelly and i, stumbled into this store by chance on our free day in dublin. it was three stories - cafe on the ground level, housewares and accessories on the second, and the lovely lovely clothing on the third. everything was beautiful. i ran around the store like a crazy person and took pictures of everything but i might have lost my camera in ireland...so i don't have those to share. i ended up buying the softest and most colorful scarf, lots and lots of those pretty soaps, and two adorable bowls. i would have bought more but kelly dragged me out of the store. also they store was about to close, who knew stores in dublin closed at 6PM?! enjoy more of the beautifulness here

02. the queen of tarts. only the cutest cafe ever. we also stumbled on this by chance, we were planning on visiting the christ church cathedral but once we found out you had to pay to go inside, um 10 whole euros - i am still quite confused why anglican churches make you pay to go inside. i also took pictures of the cuteness of this place but alas the camera is still lost in the land of ireland. i ordered the dark chocolate almond brownie tart (on the right) and it was divine. 

03. o'briens. we went here twice because it was just that tasty. i tried the pesto bagel (i shall recreate this one day - everything bagel, pesto, lettuce, tomato, cream cheese, roasted red peppers) and then the daily special (which was basically a grilled cheese with tomato and ham). yum!

04. bewley's. only ireland's leading coffee and tea company. we ordered tea and biscuits, per the recommendation of our knowledgeable and irish tour guide. it was super fun and we felt fancy and almost like locals. until i knocked the sugar bowl over and pulled out my giant polaroid camera. ahhh, the joys of tourism!

05. blarney woollen mills. i only spent about fifteen minutes in this shop. but those were well spent moments. this store was also three stories - my favorite was the third floor which had all of the housewares. think pier one meets anthropologie and target. yes, a beautiful combination i know.

2 friskies:

Caitlin said...

i'm so happy you stumbled upon the queen of tarts! it's adorable.

oh, how i wish avoca shipped to america!

Lauren Elizabeth said...

what magical little places! take me there!