Wednesday, April 20, 2011

holy week.

the only part left of the Cathedral of Our Lady of Assumption
in Port-Au-Prince after the earthquake in 2010.

i love the Catholic Church because we preach Christ crucified. for if God did not suffer and die then we would not be saved. i'm taking a break from blogging this week to focus on the passion of our lord and participate in the holy triduum.

"As we progress through Holy Week, the Scripture passages proclaimed at the Liturgies present us with the very real people whom Jesus chose to follow Him in the Redemptive work he was to accomplish on the tree at Calvary. One such "living stone" is the Apostle named Peter. An often-impetuous man, his zeal was forged into holy courage as he followed the One whose salvific love - in the face of every opposition - would save the world. So it is meant to be with each one of us. Peter's denial should become a source of strength for us during this Holy Week. We too deny the Lord. Every time we fail to live what we profess, every time we treat persons as objects to be used rather than gifts to be received; every time we fall back into patterns of sin, wrong choices, and justify them in any way. we should hear that cockcrow in the distance and, most importantly, we should follow Peters example and repent. Peter not only found the freedom which comes from living in the Light, he cooperated with grace and was transformed into a Rock upon which the Lord would build His Church."

‎"In this last part of Lent, I exhort you to continue with commitment on the spiritual path toward Easter. Dear young people, intensify your witness of faithful love to Christ Crucified. " 

- Pope Benedict XVI

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thanks for inspiring me to take a blogging break this week!