Wednesday, April 20, 2011

saintsations week nine.

"Sometimes we’d prefer that our lives be a different story than the one God seems to be writing.  In our fragile existence it doesn’t take much to turn a romance into a drama, or an adventure into a tragedy.  At a glance, the story of Chiara Badano—an only child conceived after 11 years of marriage, who died at 19 after a bout with a painful form of bone cancer—looks like an empty tragedy, but not from the perspective of the Divine Author. The story of our lives with all its riveting twists and painful turns is written by an author who loves us very much, and for him, even death is only a comma, not a period.  The greatest protagonists in life’s story are the saints.  They shared the eternal perspective of the Author.  That’s why not even the most profound pain could take away their hope. Chiara is a shining reminder that Saints do exist in modern day."

"One day you were born. No one asked if you wanted to live, however, now you are alive. There are joyful moments, but also sad ones. There are many things that you do not understand yet. You live, but what is the meaning? With your hands you have to help to reorder the world. With your intellect you must try to distinguish good from evil. With your heart you must love people and help them whenever you can. There are many tasks that await you. Tasks to require the use of your hands, your intellect and your heart. "

 - Chiara Luce Badano

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Caitlin said...

and she was younger than me! amazing story!