Sunday, April 17, 2011

what a wonderful weekend.

01. the tradition mirror shot. 
before palm sunday mass in the student union.

02. fellowship friday.
shopping trip to hobby lobby and our favorite catholic book store, mass, stations, fish fry, rosary making taught by the ever talented natalie, and passion of the christ. 

03. the chestnut tree.
conveniently located on the square close to beth maries. best meal ever - panini, baked potato soup, salad, fruit, and blackberry cobbler. sharing it with kelly and carissa made it even better!

04. a man of the beatitudes.
my new book about blessed pier giorfio frassatio from our local catholic bookstore. 

05. palm sunday.
i've got the cross making down. plus father flynn said mass and he's only one of my favorite priests ever.
06. spring fling.
one of the only coolish type events TWU puts on. free funnel cakes, sun cones, and such.
07. promoting the catholic center.
natalie, erin, and i worked the table at spring fling. our prizes for the egg hunt game were candy, play dough, and rosaries. love it.
08. our finished product. 
turns out marissa is the best rosary maker ever. i am so glad she came!
09. life is beautiful.

i worked a total of 22 hours at the front desk this weekend. tomorrow morning is my last shift bringing the grand total to 24 hours. as you can tell, things got a little boring but i survived!

5 friskies:

Kailin said...

haha, I love the emotions in all these pictures. It looks like a fun weekend was had in Denton!

Marissa said...

What an eventful weekend! I'm glad you survived.

Allison said...

Hello! I came to your blog through your comment on mine. Your blog is beautiful!

(The word verification is "nuters"... I just have to share how incredibly weird/amusing I find that.)

Caitlin said...

i'm glad you survived the epically long desk shift! and i'm so jealous of the wonderful weather you guys have. it's still cold-ish and rainy here! :(

Kaelyn said...

Wow!! That lunch looks amazing! And those are some good looking rosaries! I'm glad you had such a fantastic weekend! And I'm glad you're still alive after that marathon of a desk shift!