Wednesday, May 11, 2011

a list since i'm avoiding studying.

things i will not miss about being an RA:

01. being awoken at 1AM to fix a leaky bathroom ceiling on the 11th floor. but since i obviously couldn't fix it so i had to call maintenance. then i had to wait for them wake up and come on over. then we went upstairs and attempted to fix the problem. therefore, i had to go into five different rooms checking pipes and waking up sleeping tator tots. bedtime at 3AM for me. true story of night last night. 

02. checking these tator tots out. gosh, they be messing my schedule up. but i guess it's part of the job.

03. wearing these ugly polos. i am so not a fan. 

i will miss:

01. having an eager pool of textbook buyers outside my door.

02.  working with some very funny people.

03. having my own room with the perfect temperature water in my shower. 

04. having really sweet residents that can tell when i'm having a bad day and bring over treats. 

5 friskies:

Katelyn said...

Yuck that first item on your list sounds like every RA's nightmare! I hope you didn't have an early final! Are you ready to move out of the dorms?

P.S. I would LOVE to be able to follow you, but I can't find a link on your page anywhere! Am I crazy? :(


Kaelyn said...

:) Yay for not ever having to do those terrible things again! I'm sorry that you will miss out on the fun things. I'm so excited for you to find the new exciting things about living in an apartment!!

Caitlin said...

you are so cute! you forgot to mention free room and board on your will-miss list, ha ha!

Kendall said...

Wow! I don't think UNT RA's are like you, but that could just be because you're so sweet! I seriously despised my RA! lol.

LG said...

bahaha i totally relate!