Thursday, June 2, 2011

don't wait.

monsignor king died last night. he was the priest at immaculate conception church back in denton. i so meant to write him a letter, a letter of thanks, after i heard he was sick. but i just kept putting it off. i just kept ignoring the reminder on my phone. 

i'm not sure if i should have a favorite priest but you are mine anyway. you came to celebrate mass in the little chapel so many times my freshman and sophomore years. you were always so excited before every mass. right before mass started, you would always walk out into the aisles to introduce yourself and greet students and thank them for taking the time out from studying to come to mass. you made everyone in that chapel feel so welcomed and loved. your homilies were never boring. and thats saying a lot. even though you had been a priest for over 50 years, every single homily related to something that was going on in the lives of college students. and you made sure to mention that you prayed for us every week during adoration. 

i still remember your witty remark from ash wednesday last year when the chapel was packed and the line was out the door. you said "no need to rush, remember we have this thing called mass every week and it's freee!"

i remember how excited you were this halloween since it fell on a sunday. you told us for weeks beforehand that you wouldn't be able to stay after mass to hear confessions because you had to get back to pass out candy for all the kids. but you were even more excited about the day after halloween, and made sure we knew why.

i remember you at mass the week that lily cantu died. i could tell how proud of her you were when you shared her story of mission work in peru.

macey and i went to stations of the cross at icc on good friday this year and we saw you there. you had to use a walker but looked so cute in that sweater. you keeled every single time we said the words "because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world" for all fourteen stations. i couldn't take my eyes off you. you must have been in so much pain but it was so important to you. 

thank you monsignor king for being such a good and faithful priest. thank you for supporting our campus ministry and seeds of change. thank you for the hugs after every mass. thank you for your prayers. thank you for your love. 

"Commitment is risky, but if you want to change the world, to leave it in better condition than when you entered it, you have to be willing to make a commitment."

- msgr. charles king, june 2008

2 friskies:

Caitlin said...

what a beautiful letter. he sounds like a wonderful man and servant of god!

Linh said...

Yes i have a blog, Hi Allison, I hope you are having a good summer. Msgr. King will be missed, <3 I wish i got to meet him because even my parish back in Fort Worth , we had a rememberance for him during our service last week.